Tribal Group: YORUBA.Shango dance wand bata drummer
Oshe Shango Bata drummer.Oshe Shango bata drummerShango is considered by believers as the most powerful god in the religion named for him. He is manifested it fearsome thunder-storms, often resulting in stones appearing on the ground after a rain. The bata drum and drummerThis may simply be the unearthing of large flat stones when the rain water washes away surface soil. Neverthless, adherents of Shango beliefs, attribute it to the force of Shango that creates thunder and lightning when Shango is offended. Shango wands (oshe Shango) are used in ceremonial dances and as shrine objects. The Bata drum is often associated with Shango.ike many objects associated with cults, the power is manifested only to believers. The objects themselves possess no known mystical power, good or evil, for non- believers.Africa Nigerian Yoruba shango

15 3/4"h, 4"w celt

Maker unrecorded,
age uncertain

Acquired in 1996 This is one of many that are in the collection of this owner. During the period of owner ship, much of the documentation as to carver and previous owners has been lost or misplaced. They are offered with whatever provenance the owner can provide from disorganized records.




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