Aboriginal painting in natural ochre, charcoal
and kaolin with natural binder.
"Namarrkon - The Lightning Spirit"
Neville Mardday

17 1/2" x 47 1/2"

When the wet monsoon season starts to build up in November, Namarrkon flies up into the sky and sits on storm clouds made by the Rainbow Serpent. From there he emits deep growls of thunder and sends lightning flashes across the sky, although no rain falls until the Rainbow Serpent releases it. This high vantage point allows Namarrkon to keep a close watch on the Aboriginal people living below to see if they are observing codes of good behaviour, conducting sacred ceremonies, and passing on history and religion to the uninitiated in their tribe. If Namarrkon sees anything which displeases him, he plucks one of the stone axes from his knee or elbow joints and hurls it at the offender. Sometimes he misses and cleaves a tree in two.
(Source: Wisdom from the Earth, Voigt&Drury)

Neville Marrday was born ca1935.
He is Kunwinjku.

Bark is stripped from a eucalyptus tree, flattened, cleaned and painted, then secured by sticks at each end.

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