Aboriginal painting in natural ochre, charcoal
and kaolin with natural binder.
Djutadjuta Munungurr Djapu.
38" x 19"

Djutadjuta Munungurr Australian Aboriginal bark painting
Portraying the sacred waterholes in traditional rarrk and iconography, on bark from a eucalyptus tree, secured by sticks on each end.

Djutadjuta Mununggurr (b. ca1935 - d.1999) is a name well-known to knowledgeble followers of Australian Aboriginal "bark" art. He was a past winner of top honors the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award and is recognized as having mastered the fine cross-hatching of Yirrkala people. His worked also benefited from the help with fine cross-hatching rrark by his wife, Nonggirrnga Marawili.
This work was done ca. 1989

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