Aboriginal art dot painting, acrylic on canvas, signed "Lucy" Possibly Lucy Ward or Lucy Lukenbarri 
49" x 43"
The dreaming is unknown but appears to be an initiation ceremony, with roundels representing sacred meeting
places or waterholes. U-shapes symbolize people seated around the roundels with various implements. The "chains" between roundels may repesent tracks traveled by the clan members
in the ceremony.

Acquired in 2001 from the private collection of dealer Tony Bond, Adelaide, SA.

Estimated Value FOB Fort Myers. FL US$2,000.00
exclusive of delivery cost.

Because of the uniqueness, cultural sensitivity and irreplaceable nature of this work of art, if you are interested in acquiring it, please contact us at Sanibelart@gmail.com to discuss payment terms and plans for taking possession of it. (If you live in Florida or plan to visit Southwest Florida, we can arrange pick-up or delivery to you.) Otherwise, shipping will be the buyer's responsibility, although we will happily act as your agent in arranging packing and shipping based on your specifications. After agreeing on details of the transaction, we will send you a Paypal invoice reflecting that agreement.


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