#KB86 Honey Ant Dreaming
Janet Forrester, Luritja / Arrente
Central & Western Desert / Ernabella.

Acrylic on canvas dot painting
23" x 23"
Janet Forrester Aboriginal Honey Ant painting
Honey ants store sucrose in their abdomens making them an important source of sweetness and nutrition for Aborigines in the desert.

Janet was born in 1936. She started painting in 1980. Her husband passed in 2003. She has since devoted most her time to ceremonial and family matters.

Janet paints Dreamings of the Ernabella and Maryvale regions, stories inherited from her mother and grandmother. Her major Dreamings include Snakes, Honey Ants, Sugarbag, Bush Banana, Milky Way,
Witchetty Grub and Goanna Stories.

Acquired in 2001 in Adelaide, Australia
from Adella Gallery

Estimated Value FOB Fort Myers. FL US$500.00
exclusive of delivery cost.

Because of the uniqueness, cultural sensitivity and irreplaceable nature of this work of art, if you are interested in acquiring it, please contact us at Sanibelart@gmail.com to discuss payment terms and plans for taking possession of it. (If you live in Florida or plan to visit Southwest Florida, we can arrange pick-up or delivery to you.) Otherwise, shipping will be the buyer's responsibility, although we will happily act as your agent in arranging packing and shipping based on your specifications. After agreeing on details of the transaction, we will send you a Paypal invoice reflecting that agreement.


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