#KA25 Australia / Anmatyerre
Aboriginal art dot painting / Oil on canvas,
"Bushtucker Ceremony.
50" X 50"
Gabriella Possum Nungarayi,
daughter of master painter,
Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri. (deceased).

Gabriella Possum Aboriginal painting from Australia
"Bushtucker" is the Australian term for foods
found growing wild in the outback desert.
This painting portays the story of a group of
women who are looking for this food. We are
told that: The "U" shapes represent the women.
The white rectangles are digging sticks. The
white dots connected by black lines are
feather belts worn by women during dances.
The circles (or roundels) represent an important
gathering place, such as a water hole, fire or
ceremonial center.

At 50" square, this is a sizable painting.
It presents with bright, vibrant colors that
draw the eye. It is a "artistic" map of the
the artist's grand mother's country and
was painted from above on canvas
spread on the floor (see photo). This
technique mimics the manner in which
original sand paintings were created.

Gabriella's work is represented in major
collections: National Gallery of Australia,
Museum Art Gallery of the Northern Territory,
Flinders University Art Museum, Holmes
a Court Collection, Kelton Foundation and
Winterthur (Switzerland) Collection.

Gabriella was born in 1967 Mt. Allan
as the eldest daughter of Clifford. She
learned to paint under the tutelage of
her famed father. As early as 16, she won
the prestigious Alice Springs Art Award.
Subsequently, her work has been deemed
as "culturally significant".

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