#K115 -
Dennis Nona
Tribal Group: Torres Straits
Linocut Print, Circle of Life
"Ngw Kukuwum"
based on Aboriginal DreamTime story.
25" x 21" Matted & Framed

signed 1993

Authenticity Guaranteed.

About Dennis Nona.

Dennis was born on the Torres Strait island of Badu in 1973. He learned traditional wood carving. Combining his cultural background of traditional narrative and native ceremonies led to linocut skills with detailed style. He became an important preserver of the Torres Strait Islander legends.

It has been written he is "widely acknowledged to be one of the most important Torres Strait Islander artists. His skill and constant innovation have resulted in works of great beauty and complexity."

Anchored in his native culture, Dennis Nona's oeuvre evokes the ancient myths and legends of his islands. Whereas traditional Torres Strait Islander art would be based on a single image,
he is able to relate an entire narrative in one graphic work. His incredibly intricate and beautiful linocuts, etchings and sculptures are being collected by major Australian museums and international institutions.

Dennis Nona has gained wide recognition and received major awards such as the prestigious
Telstra National Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander Art Award
in 2007, 2008 and 2010

In an interesting 21st Century twist, Nona's reputation has
been caught up in contemporary "cancel culture". Despite
his considerable contributions to Torres Strait culture and art, evidence of alledged felonious behavior when he was a young university student led the National Gallery of Australia to
remove his art from its collection. Depending on how you
feel about cancelling great art because of historical behavior
of the artist, you will find Nona's work either less valuable or more valuable. But, we feel obligated to reveal the situation to any potential buyer of this work of art.

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