Our Guarantee

"It is what we tell you it is or we take it back"

Since we believe that a major aspect of value is authenticity, we vouch that any item you buy from Aboriginals: Art of the First Person is what we describe it to be.

While provenance in the field
of tribal arts often is difficult
to establish, we work directly with artists or through intermediaries that we trust.
We make representations about each item based on input from these individuals and our experience.

If you, as the purchaser, get an appraisal from any other established authority within 30 days that identifies the item as other than we represent it to be, we will willingly refund your purchase price upon receipt of the returned item in the
same condition as when it was purchased.

In addition, any item bought via the Internet has a 14 day inspection period return privilege. If you are not satisfied with the item, return it in the same condition as when purchased, postmarked within 14 days of receipt and we will refund your purchase price.


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