Australian Aboriginal art dot/desert paintings
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Please Note: This entire website contains the names of Australian Aboriginal artists, some of who may be deceased or become deceased. If this is offensive to you, you should not read further.

At the heart of all Australian Aboriginal art is "The Dreamtime."

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W769 Aboriginal art bark painting by Luke Nganjmirra
W769 - Luke Nganjmirra

Larry Nalorman Aboriginal art painting
K151 - Nalorlman

K153 - Nalorlman

Blitner kangaroo painting on archival paper

KB58 - E. Blitner

Australian Aboriginal bark painting

W813 Aboriginal Art Bark on Board Painting
W813 Wanambi

Aboriginal bark painting
W821 - Maymuru


Australian Aboriginal bark painting
W758 - Mardday

Australian Aboriginal bark painting

Aboriginal art bark painting by Munumgirr

Australian Aboriginal bark painting
W818 - Gumana

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Australian Aboriginal art in the US

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