The Zuni Bead Art Gallery:

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Zuni Pueblo atists are known for many skills, talents and genres. One of our favorites is bead work, as shown in photo above and others below.

Call 239-482-725 ~ 800-305-0185 (toll-free)
to order any of these charming figures.

DK28 - Todd Poncho

DJ94 - Todd Poncho

Di61 - Jeannette Dewesee

DJ98 - Todd Poncho

DJ93 - Todd Poncho

DK01 - Marisa Sellicion

DK02 - Marisa Sellicion

DK26 - Faron Ghachu

DK27 - Faron Ghachu

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Navajo folk art carvings

Now any item with a purchase price exceeding
$200 may be purchased on extended payments
through our Collector's Club

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