#W752 AUSTRALIA/Milingimbi/Kudjekbinj

Aboriginal painting in natural ochre, charcoal
and kaolin with natural binder.
Mimihs and hunters on hunt.
Djawida Nadjongorle
69" x 22

Djawida was born ca 1943 in at Dialbangurr, his father's country. His family moved to Oenpelli where his mother and father worked. Djawida went to school in Oenpelli with occasional visits to their country. That's where Djawida became interested in painting, first painting on rock, in the manner of his Aboriginal ancesters, including hand and foot stencils.

Djawida learned to mix ochres and paint, evolving to bark painting. He paints stories from his father's country, his mother's country (Kudjekbinj) and his grandmother's country near Manmoyi. Before passing in 2008, Djawida was a highly respected painter in his genre and is represented in many world class collections.
Recent prices at other galleries have averaged AU$2800.

Ca. 1989

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