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Six reasons to order with confidence
from at Aboriginals Gallery

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We have been dealing in Native American
art and jewelry for more than 30 years.

We are members of the Indian Arts and
Crafts Association assuring authenticity in all we sell.

Our customers love us and recommend us highly.
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During the holiday season, we accept returns
of gift merchandise through January 5, with
reimbursement of USPS Priority return shipping.

"It is what we tell you it is or
we refund your purchase price"

Since we believe a major aspect of
value is authenticity, we pledge
that any item you purchase from
Aboriginals: Art of the First Person
or any of its sister sites
is what
we describe it to be.

Provenance in the field of tribal art
often is difficult to establish, so we
work directly with artists or through
intermediaries that we trust from
many previous transactions. We
make representations about each
item based on assurances from these
individuals and our 30-plus years
of experience in tribal art.

If you, as the purchaser, receive an
appraisal from any other established
authority that identifies the item as
other than we represented it to be,
we will refund your purchase price
when you return the item in the same
condition as when it was received.
This guarantee has a 30 day time limit.

Inspection and
Return Privilege:

Because we understand that an item
may look different on the internet than
it does when you see it in person, you
have 10 days from the day you receive
your purchase to return it in its condition
as you received it for a full refund of your
purchase price. We may ask why you it
is being returned, but that will not affect
your ability to return it.
No other questions asked.

Please notify us within seven days
if you intend to return an item.

Thank you.