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Folk Art

Perhaps the most popular genre of Navajo art is "folk art",
which currently appears in significant numbers

This colorful representation of Navajo culture and of the domestic and exotic animals of the world has it own charm and humor. From chickens to pigs to zebras and hippos, it is almost impossible to hold or look at these works without generating a smile and special respect for the carver.

Among the more popular of these artists are
Les Herbert, Edith John. Marvin Jim and Matthew Yellowman.

Zuni beadwork also has been added to this page

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DF66 Delbert Buck
The Navajo, who refer to themselves as Dine’ or "the people," have a long tradition of artistic excellence. In the 19th century, Navajo weavers were prolific producers of intricately woven blankets. Prime examples of these hang in museums and private collections and sell for tens of thousands of dollars when they come up in auctions. Around the turn of the century, production shifted primarily to rugs woven on the same principle, using a vertical loom of fixed dimensions. There are no written plans as beautiful, symmetrical designs emanate from the imagination and skill of the weaver, weft-by-weft

Zuni Beadwork
Zuni beaded dancerSanta Clause figure

Zuni beaded pig

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Navajo pottery historically has been more utilitarian in style and construction than the pottery of nearby pueblos. In recent decades, however, more artistic work has emerged and the collection of Navajo art pottery has soared. Potters such as Alice Cling, Suzie Crank and Lorraine Williams are producing extraordinarily beautiful pieces, well-formed, well-polished and impressive in style and shape. For more examples of Native American pottery, visit our sister site at Native-PotteryLink.

PD84 Navajo pot Suzie Crank
PD84 - Susie Crank
Sculpture by Navajo artists also has established itself as world-class quality.
Subjects in alabaster and other native stones take their inspiration from Navajo legends and the individual vision of outstanding sculptors.

Navajo moon eagle sculpture
Marilyn Howard Navajo sculpture

Pam Begay maiden sculpture

DF84 Navajo warrior bear  
Sand Paintings
Another area of Navajo art concerns the traditional ceremonial sand paintings. These designs , when used in various healing ceremonies, provide a spiritual bridge to the other world where harmony reigns. The market is filled with second rate sand paintings that are sold at low cost as clocks, jewelry boxes and inexpensive décor. At the other end of the quality spectrum, extraordinarily detailed sand paintings, employing authentic designs (missing elements not intended for outside exposure), are created by artists of incredible talent. Among these, Hostein Etsitty is a standout.

A112 Navajo sandpainting by Hosteen Etsitty


Examples of all these art forms are shown in this special Navajo section. Additional examples also in the gallery’s inventory are not shown here but will be provided upon request.

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