Native Basketry:

Hopi Indian basket woven maiden figure
Hopi Basket Doll

Authentic Native basket-weaving
art, hand-selected to reflect accomplishments of native artists
from America and Australia. Despite inflation raising it's threatening head,
we have adjusted the prices on all our baskets downward temporarily.
Take advantage of the special pricing
to add to your collection.

B480 - Apache

B011 - Hopi

B012 - Hopi

B168 - Hopi

B180 - Hopi

B190 - Hopi

Hopi wicker plaque
C901 - Hopi

Hopi Indian wicker plaqu
W298 - Hopi

B182 - Navajo

Seminole sweetgrass basket with handles
B624 - Seminole

B625 - Seminole

B626 - Seminole

B627 - Seminole

B628 - Seminole

Thebaskets below are made by indigenous Australian natives. They are mostly coiled, string or "dilly" bags. They are woven from various natural fibers such as those made from the leaves of the pandanus plant. These fibers are dyed in vivid oranges, yellows, reds, blacks and purples by boiling them in ground up roots.

B218 Australian Aboriginal

B220 Australian Aboriginal

Australian Aboriginal

B286 Australian Aboriginal

K128 Australian Aboriginal

KC40 Australian Aboriginal

KD01 Australian Aboriginal

KD13 Australian Aboriginal

KD14 Australian Aboriginal

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