Title: "Sugar Bag "
Aboriginal art dot painting
Gabriella Possum Nungarrayi
, daughter
of legendary Aboriginal artist, Clifford Possum.

Acrylic on linen.
Size: 18" x 24"
Gabriella Possum Australian dot paintingWomen are the primary food gatherers in
Aboriginal society. It is their responsibility to
keep track of food sources, such as bush wheat,
bush plums and honey ants. They travel
regularly to locations of these sources
where ceremonies are performed to propitiate
the spirit and energy of the ancestors.

This painting portrays the geography of the
gathering area and the gatherers as they
harvest honey comb contents from the wild bee
hives. Various symbols and colors represent
the terrain as viewed from above, the
perspective from which the work is painted.
Acquired in Sydney, NSW, Australia in 2000

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