#KA71 Australia/ Desert
Tribal Group: Pintubi
24" x 18"
ca 2000 - Narpula Scobie

Aboriginal art desert painting, acrylic on canvas. iconography in this painting was done by the widow of Johnny Scobie, Narpula Scobie. She used traditional Australian Aboriginal Desert Art techniques representing important subjects, events and places in her Pintubi dreamtime stories. Detailed meanings are sacred and not shared with outsiders.

Narpula Scobie Aboriginal painting
US $300

Narpula was born near Haast's Bluff in the late 40s-early 50s. She is a Senior Aboriginal law woman and the sister of Turkey Tolson Tjupurrula.
After years of collaborating with her husband, Johnnie Scobie, she began painting independently in the 1980s. At the time, Narpula was Papunya's sole female artist. Narpula paints bush food stories. including the one depicted here. c. 2000. Her current home is Mt. Leibig.

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