Tribal Group: Worimi.
22" x 23."
Aboriginal art dot painting, acrylic on canvas,
"Honey Ants Escaping"

This is a Westernized variation, portraying echidnas at a honey ant nest, in traditional Aboriginal dot technique.
by Lind a Currie.
Acquired in 2000 at Tobwabba iin Adelaide, South Australia

The Worimi people are indigenous Australians whose historical homeland was on the east coast of Australia, north
of Sydney, it is an area also known as the Great Lakes in reference to the lakes that dot the area. It is situated not too distant from the famed Hunter Valley wine growing area. Worimi connections to the land, the sea, nature and traditional Aboriginal beliefs are reflected in this painting.

Echidnas are natives of Australia and New Guinea. Their spiny backs and pointy snouts often lead to them being misidentified as porcupines or hedgehogs. In fact, they are unrelated. Echidnas belongs to the Tachiglossidae family, Greek for “fast tongue.” Echidnas uses their beak and sticky tongue to eat ants.

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exclusive of delivery cost.

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