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Gabriella Possum Nungarrayi is the eldest daughter of Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri (deceased), arguably the best known Australian Aboriginal painter of our time. His influence on her work has been profound as he served as both teacher and role model. She was born at Mt. Allen in 1967. She won her first award in Alice Springs while still a college student.

Gabriella's work has been exhibited in Washington, DC, (1992) London, (1993)Berne, Switzerland, (1993) and the United Nations Headquarters in New York. She is represented in collections ranging from the Holmes a Court collection and the Flinders University Museum to the Kelton Foundation Collection in Santa Monica, CA, and the Aboriginal Art Galleries of Australia in Melbourne.

She first came to our attention in 1990 when we met her outside a gallery in Sydney. She came to our hotel room a day later. With child in tow and pregnant like a melon, she unrolled her canvasses. We were immediately struck by the quality of her work and became instant fans. We purchased all that she had with her.

We have since sought out her work wherever we have shopped for Australian Aboriginal art. On our recent trip to Australia, we were able to acquire five new paintings. It is interesting to see the evolution of her work from very disciplined traditional designs to more adventurous splashes of vibrant color - still representing the Dreamings of her people. The paintings are displayed in this special section of our Web gallery.

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Gabriella Possum Aboriginal Dot Painting
W695 - BushTucker Dreaming
Gabriella Possum Sugar Bag  painting
KB05 Sugar Bag Dreaming

Gabriella Possum Bushtucker  painting
KA24 Bushtucker Dreaming

Gabriella Possum Bushtucker Ceremony painting
KA25 Bushtucker Ceremony

Gabriella Possum Soakage painting
KC03 Soakage Dreaming
Gabriella Possum Aboriginal Women's Body Painting
KC02 Women's Body Painting

Gabriella Possum Bush Wheat painting
KB04 Bush Wheat

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