#DH81 ALASKA / Athabascan

Carving, fossil walrus tusk,* grizzly bear poised
on an tundra-like chunk of tusk
1.5" x 2.25"

Leonard Savage

Leonard Savage was born in Holy Cross, Alaska, Leonard grew up experiencing long summer days with continuous sunlight while exploring the wilderness where the Yukon River flowed.

Alternately, the winter brought long nights of bitter cold. During these days, Leonard stayed indoors while hearing the stories told about the days when the only way to get around was by dog sleds and boats.

When he was 12 years old, Leonard's family moved to the city, Anchrorage.
Adapting to the new lifestyle, Leonard realized his artistic impulses would be a way to accommodate his new circumstances. At a younger age, he had started carving bone, antler, stone, and walrus tusk.

Now, walrus tusk became the preferred material for his carving. Leonard uses walrus tusk to tell the story of his youth amongst the wildlife.


*Items made from marine mammal parts may not be shipped outside the United States.

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