Tribal Group: Squamish

Plaque carved from cedar, representing a thunderbird, seal, salmon and human in relief,
suspended in frame
ca 2003
10" tall, frame 15" tall

Robert Kelly, an indigenous member of the Salish tribe, is the carver of this item of typical Coast Salish design. He was born in 1956. Coast Salish style is described by the Burke Museum of the University of Washington as follows, "The Coast Salish carving style developed from a pan-coastal style of carving in the Pacific Northwest that dates back at least 5,000 years. This ancient style shows consostency among tribes through out the coast. It can be described as a two-dimensional style characterized by low-relief (shallow) carving in bone, stone, horn and wood, where the negative areas are carved away to reveal the positive form of the animal, human or supernatural beings on the flat surface of the material."

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