Alaska / Eskimo

Carving, sea bird, walrus tusk*, seated
on a rounded baleen base.
1.25" x 1.25" long

Joe Slwooko, Dec. July 25, 2017. Born July 10, in Nome, Alaska. Ancestral home was St. Lawrence Island, where many of his relatives live. We acquired this carving in its original condition in 2000, from Inua. The following material was transcribed from Joe slwooko's obituary. "Joe carved for many years and was a master carver. He carved from ivory tusks of walrus, walrus bone and whalebone, and trims them with baleen from Bowhead whales. Much walrus ivory, walrus bone and whalebone are either dug up or found washed up on beaches after storms. Carving is a rich tradition for the Native Alaskan people on St. Lawrence Island; it helps sustain their proud ancient culture and way of life in a very remote and harsh area".

*Note: While perfectly acceptable for shipping within the US, accordiing to international treaty, items that include marine mammal parts, even ossified remains and fossils, may not be shipped outside the United States without getting a special US government permit.

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