ALASKA /Eskimo

Carving, polar bear carved from old fossil walrus tusk,

1" x 1.25"

This gentle bear was carved from remaindered tusk material by an Inuit artist identified to us as "Pennetac" It most likely was Charles Penatac or, possibly, Edward Penatac - deceased 2019. We aquired it from Inua of Homer, Alaska in ~2000. Penatac is a common Inuit name of which several namesakes are artists. It is worth pointing out that remaindered tusk has many imperfections in its appearance. Carvers work around them, as was the case with this specimen.



*Note: While perfectly acceptable for shipping within the US, accordiing to international treaty, items that include marine mammal parts, even ossified remains and fossils, may not be shipped outside the United States without getting a special US government permit.


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