Tribal Group: BAULE.

Vintage carving, female.
Approx. 15.5" tall.
Prominent scarification on the
face and torso, front and rear
Unknown Carver
Representation of bare breasts
are very realistic

Traditional African Baule carving of
a female, with carved red cache sexe and a beaded waste band. Classic Baule coiffure, face and body scarification, red painted nipples, standing on a circular base. Hands joined at the belly, framing navel.

Such carvings were done to represent an ancestor
or a mate or lover beyond the spiritual divide.

PLEASE NOTE: It appears the left breast was once broken off and has been repaired, significant cracks have materialized in the back of the torso and head. There also is a major chunk broken out of the base. The underside of the base displays serious natural degradation. Not unusual, given the age of the piece. All this aging took place while the object was in African native possession. The price reflects the aging and native repair and the fact it is still an impressive example of authentic African/Baule carving.. The object has been sequestered in climate-controlled conditions since acquisition

15" tall, 3 1/2" diameter
Age uncertain. Carver Unknown

Acquired in 2001




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