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Aboriginals: Art of the First Person ~ Collector's Club

How many times have you seen an object of tribal art that you absolutely "had to have" but that your current cash flow couldn't quite handle at the time?

Here's a solution.

The Tribalworks Collector's Club will allow you to acquire the objects you want - before someone else purchases them - by providing a small down payment and scheduling regular monthly charges to a credit card.

You set the day of the month you want the charge made. We will notify you via email each time we run the charge and will let you know when all the agreed payments have been completed. At that time, we will ship the object(s) to the address you specify.

For example, suppose you see a $200 African mask or Aboriginal painting and want to purchase it using the Collector's Club. Simply call or email us and we will accept an initial charge of 20% or $40.

Thereafter, each month, on or about the date you specify, you can send us a personal check or make a paypal payment of 10% of the total purchase price. In this case, that would be a charge of $20 each month for seven months. In the final month, we will run the final 10% charge plus the shipping charge. There will be no interest charges for this service.

You may, of course, establish a shorter payoff period with larger monthly charges. And you may bundle multiple items in a single Collector's Club purchase.

You make the choice. You are in charge.

* Any credit or financial information you may give us WILL NEVER BE SHARED with any other party. It will remain in our records only and will not be accessible by anyone else.

These are sample terms and may be adjusted as you require based on the value of your purchase and/or the amount you want to pay each month.

So, if you see a object of tribal art that you want but you don't want to lay out all the cash at one time, join the CLUB by calling us at 239-482-7025

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Privacy Policy:
No information you provide will be shared with any third party or be retained in digital files that might be seen by third parties.


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