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African tribal art has many aspects.
Masks are used in tribal village dances to placate the spirit world, to propitiate good health and encourage ample harvest, to protect deceased loved ones as they journey to the 'other' world, to discipline and to educate.

Carvings are made to protect the village from bush spirits or to please a spouse in the other world.

Textiles are created to clothe, decorate and demonstrate domestic skills.

Jewelry is crafted to adorn the body.

Pottery, musical instruments, and implements are made to reinforce cultural values and bring beauty to every day life.

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Baga Masks
African Baga tribe 'nimba' mask

A257 - Nimba

African tribal art Baga 'elek' shrine figure

X276 - Elek

Baule Masks
and objects

African Baule mask
H056 - Baule

X747 - Baule

African Baule tribal janus-lidded medicine bowl
A253 - Baule

African Baule tribal janus heddle pulley
A357 - Baule

African tribal Baule serpent and lizard mask
DF35 - Baule

Zoomorphic mask with bite stickF067 - Baule

Benin - objects

Quen bust from Benin
E784 - Benin

A015 - Benin

V362 Benin

Dan masks

Dan Guerre mask of many eyes
DE79 - Dan

Dan mask with fabric ear drops
C419 - Dan

Dan hornbill mask
W548 - Dan

African Dan tribal art mask
H106 Dan

Dan hornbill mask with monkey fur
F072 - Dan

V224 - Dan

Dogon Masks
and objects

F180 Dogon

V247 Dogon

CT14 - Dogon

C420 - Dogon

Dogon African Walu mask
DG57 - Dogon
(No longer

Ibo - Igbo Masks and Objects

African Igbo carved messenger object
E223 - Igbo
[Sorry some other collector already purchased me]

V356 - Ibo

Ibo tribal mask with movable jaw
H553 - Ibo

Ibo African tribal dance wand with movable jaw
V217- Ibo

Ibo African bowl, with lids, for storing and serving kola nuts

X099 - Ibo

Kuba Masks
and Objects

Carved wood Kuba drum with symbolic hand hold
A064 - Kuba

Kuba African Ngaady dance mask
D305 - Kuba

Kuba African dance mask with raffia trim
F414 - Kuba

African Kuba dance mask wuth carved scarification
V115 - Kuba

African tribal container by Kuba carver

W947 - Kuba


Senoufo African tribal helmet mask
X252 - Senoufo

African Senoufo stool and divination figure

E839 - Senoufo

Senoufo tribe African stool and divination object
E838 - Senoufo

E857 - Senoufo

helmet mask from Senoufo with birds that can removed and added, representing achievement in harvest activities
V234 - Senoufo


Yoruba beaded bird crown
E481 - Yoruba

F553 - Yoruba

A107 - Yoruba

E722 - Yoruba

F415 -Yoruba

Y001 - Yoruba

X237 Yoruba Shango

A086 Yoruba Shango

V232 Yoruba Shango

Other Tribes
and Areas

V271 - Attie

Granary door lock from 
Bambara tribe
F176 - Bambara

African Bambara Ntomo mask
E713 - Bambara

African Bassa Bundu mask
X121 - Bassa

Africa Bobo animated leopard mask
DE31 - Bobo

African Cameroon water buffalo mask
W097 - Cameroun

DB29 Tikar Cameroun

African Cameroon basket rattle with male figure
DB53 - Cameroun

E487 Fang

African Gurunsi Fanana mask
D481 - Fanana

F416 - Fon

X770 - Guro

Bakongo African nail fetish
DA78 - BaKongo

Lobi African tribal dance wand
E506 Lobi

F550 - Lobi

Mande musical string instrument
V163 - Mangbetu

E915 - Ogoni

H583 - Fang

F008 - Hembe

V109 - Mumuye

W976 - Pende

W463 - Pende

Pende Tribe Fetish House extendable mask

F089 Pende

W476 - Songye

Tchokwe chair with carved scenes from life
W246 - Tchokwe

Teke tribe mask with raffia beard
H574 - Teke

H289 - Wolo

BaYaka tribal ancestor figure
W474 - BaYaka



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