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African tribal art has many dimensions. Masks are used in village ceremonies, danced to placate the spirit world, to propitiate good health and harvest, to protect deceased loved ones on their journey to the other world, to discipline and educate, and more. Carvings are made to protect the village from bush spirits or to please a spouse in the other world. Textiles are created to clothe, decorate, and demonstrate domestic skills. Jewelry is crafted to adorn the body. Pottery, musical instruments, and implements are designed to reinforce cultural values and bring beauty to every day life.

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Who is from Where?

European political divisions have been superimposed on African tribal areas. Since these "countries" are the primary map references in Western culture, the following guide is offered to help you match the tribe with the appropriate political entity.

Click on the indicated links below for each tribe

  Portuguese Guinea

  • Bijogo (Bidjogo, Bijugu)
  Republic of Guinea
  Sierra Leone

  • Mende, (Temne, Timne)
  Cote d'Ivoire
  Burkina Faso


 Republic of Congo

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