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Australian Aboriginal dog carving
KA94 - 15"
Australian Aboriginal didjeridu
K084 - 31"

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K124 Aboriginal art didjeridu
K124 Pintupi
Didjeridu 48"

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Australian Aboriginal woomera
K171 Woomera - Central Desert

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Australian Aboriginal Art Carvings

Both the peoples of the Tiwi Islands and of the Yirrkala
in the Nhulunbuy area are prodigious carvers. Birds play
a major role in both belief systems. These are considered
messengers from the" other world." Tiwi people carve
their birds from ironwood. It is both heavy and hard,
limiting the amount of detail that can be achieved.
This limitation is compensated for by the very detailed
painting that decorates the figure. Each tribe or clan
has a unique cross-hatch pattern that is used to create
negative space and represent feathers.

The Yirrkala of Nhulunbuy carve in soft woods that
allow extensive incising. The wood is much lighter.
A full section of the carving is painted with a solid
color. Patterns are created by incising through the
color to the yellowish wood.

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