Folk art, raven with Pacific Northwest design motifs, red and turquoise sneakers

7 3/4" high x
13 1/2" long

Matthew Yellowman, Navajo.



Click to watch Matthew Yellowman''s Navajo "Haida" design raven in 360-degree video


Fort Myers, FL. 33957
Toll-Free - 800-305-0185


Matthew Yellowman was born in Montezuma Creek, UT. His parents were Hugh and Helen Yellowman. Their travels led to many changes in Matthew's life as he grew up. After high school in Ogden, UT, Matthew was trained in masonry work. His artistic calling brought him to start wood carving in 1996, when he was influenced by Navajo folk artist, Rena Juan.

Today, Matthew and Rena often work together, collaborating on ideas. But each does his own "thing".
Matthew finds pieces of dried cotton wood around Navajoland. After rough-cutting the wood, Yellowman uses various mechanical tools to create and finish details.

When several pieces have been carved, the painting starts.
Yellowman does not sketch his ideas before carving. He lets his inner vision guide him to the form and shape, often very complex, to carve. yellowman's arts has given him considerable fame. Occasionally, he can be found at a pow-wow or show, demonstrating his work. Mostly, however, he prefers to work where it's quiet and private, with relaxing music in the background.

Work by Matthew Yellowman is higly prized and very collectable. Each piece brings a special smile and touch of humor to the owner's life.