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W769 Aboriginal art bark painting by Luke Nganjmirra

Larry Nalorman Aboriginal art painting

Australian Aboriginal bark painting
W813 Aboriginal Art Bark on Board Painting
Aboriginal bark painting
Australian Aboriginal bark painting
Aboriginal art bark painting by Munumgirr
Australian Aboriginal bark painting
CY76 - Tiwi
Aboriginal painting by Eddie Blitner
KB58 - Blitner
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There are several styles of bark painting.

The Aboriginal Tiwi people of Melville Island and Bathurst Island, off the northern coast of the Australian mainland, have a distinctive decorative style, which developed in isolation from mainland Australian Aboriginal art.

It appears in their bark paintings and their other works of art and features boldly colored geometric designs. These include carved birds and poles from the Pukumani ceremony.

Arnhemland in Australia's Northern Territory includes works of a different style from several communities and peoples.

The Kunwinjku people of Oenpelli have a technique known as the x-ray style. Maningrida and Milingimbi settlements each have their own distinctive styles. Yet other styles have their roots in Groote Eylandt, Elcho Island, Ramingining and among the Yirrkala of Nhulunbuy.

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