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According to some anthropologists, the art of Australia's aboriginal
people has a history that goes back 26,000 years to the original paintings by on the walls of the escarpment by indigenous occupants in what is
now Arnhemland.

Contemporary tribal art of Australia's aboriginal people has many forms of expression.

Australian Aboriginal art bark painting
Australian Aboriginal Shield, historic
Aborigingal hand-painted koala Aboriginal pandanus basket Aboriginal art Pansy Napangati dot painting
Aboriginal art pottery gallery Australian Aboriginal dot paintings Australian Aborignal prints

Some examples of tribal art from Australia's northern neighbor, Papua New Guinea and other Oceanic cultures are also included in this gallery.

Please note: All signed Australian Aboriginal painting images displayed on this website are the copyrighted property of the artist.

Australian Aboriginal painted emu egg
Painted Emu Egg - KC50

Painted Emu Egg - KC47 & KC49

Tiwi - CV72

Tiwi - CV69
Papua New Guinea pot
New Guinea pot
E794 Papua New Guinea shield

PNG Shield

- Mornington Island
Papua New Guinea yam ceremony pot

New Bitain wood bowl
New Britain


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