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Australian Aboriginal Baskets
and Fiber Sculptures

Colorful, intricately woven baskets are hand-woven throughout Aboriginal Australia. Some of the most striking are created in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory, served by art and cultural centers at Maningrida and Nhulumbuy. This area of approximately 10,000 square kilometers includes many indigenous clans and language groups whose traditions have contributed to a richness of artistic creation.

The baskets are primarily coiled, string or "dilly" bags. They are woven from various natural fibers such as those made from the leaves of the pandanus plant, the bark of trees like Kurrajong, Brachychiton diversifolius, Brachychiton paradoxum and Ficus virens. Fibers are dyed in vivid colors by boiling in ground-up roots of plants like Pogonolobus reticulatus and wood ash from Eucalyptus alba.

Maningrida is a small community on the remote northern coast of Australia's Arnhem Land at the estuary of the Liverpool River. During much of the year the community can be reached only by light aircraft. Nhulumbuy, also known as Gove, is a area where bauxite has been mined. It also situated on the northern coast of Australia and is reachable primarily by air, especially during the wet season.

Baskets traditionally are used for gathering native foods like roots, tubers, berries, honey and fish. The baskets offered by Aboriginals: Art of the First Person have been woven for sale to collectors and museums by the finest aboriginal artists from Maningrida and other aboriginal communities.

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B218 Aboriginal pandanus basket
Open weave -Pandanus fiber

Aboriginal string bag from Maningrida
String bag - Agnes Wilinggira

KD01 Susan Malgarrli basket
Pandanus fiber - Susan Malgarrli

KD14 Mary Jinguwaraba string bag
String bag -Mary Jinguwraba

Australian Aboriginal pandanus basket
Pandanus string basket

Lidded, pandanus fiber

Aboriginal basket with coiled handle
Dyed pandanus fiber

Australian Aboriginal basket
Pandanus fiber - Open weave

Aboriginal emu feather basket
Basket - Emu feathers - yarn

Aboriginal parrot feather basket

String bag - parrot feathers - Nalpinya 4

Aboriginal canoe shape basket
Canoe shape - Maggie Taklimba


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