Australian Aboriginal art dot/desert paintings

Dot paintings of the Australian Aboriginal desert peoples
are often called sand paintings. This reference stems from
their genesis in ground paintings that are created by clans
as they move from place to place in the desert. The clan
gathers around a central site, which is cleared so that
"paintings" can be created using seeds, flowers, sand,
stones, feathers, and other natural substances. The
clan elders sing their way through the painting process,
imparting tribal knowledge to younger members of the
clan. The various symbols are explained and interpreted
as lessons in the clan's history and heritage, its creation
story, and the location of sacred sites, food sources,
and water holes.

Today, these designs are painted on art board and
canvas for sale to the outside world. While the precise
meanngs of the designs are usually unclear to outsiders,
they have deep cultural significance to clan members.
Details usually are not revealed to anyone outside the
clan. Even then, only males who 'graduate' to high rank
in the clan learn the full menaing of the designs.

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Mervyn Rubuntja Australian Aboriginal painting
K107 24"x16"
Mervyn Rubuntja

Xavier Wimmitji Australian Aborigine painitng

K109 24"x35.5"
Xavier Wimmitji

KB14 18"x28"
Christine Peterson Nangala

K166 Walpiri
Don Tjungurrayi

Narpula Scobie Aboriginal dot painting
KA72 24"x18"
Narpula Scobie

W688 Aborignal art pansy Napangadi
W688 Walpiri 36"x30"
Pansy Napangati

KB06 Pitjantjatjara 46.5"x26.25"
William Sandy

Narpula Scobie Aboriginal desert painting
KA71 24"x18"
Narpula Scobie

KA31 Aboriginal art Loretta McDonald
KA31 Worimi 23"x23"
Loretta McDonald

KA29 Aboriginal art Linda Currie
KA29 Worimi 22"x23"
Linda Currie

Luck Morton Aboriginal dot painting
KB19 23" X 18"
Luck Morton

K168 Aborignal art William Sandy oil
K168 Pitjantjatjara 34" x 10.75"
William Sandy

KA28 Aboriginal art Len Cunningham
KA28 Worimi 24"x35"
Len Cunningham

Joanne Nangala dot painting
KC13 - 14" x 21"
Joanne Nangala

Karen Taylor Aboriginal dot painting
K007-13.25" x 17"
Karen Taylor

Janet Forrester dot painting
KB86-23" x 23"
Janet Forrester

W769 Aboriginal art bark painting by Luke Nganjmirra
W769 - Nganjmirra

Larry Nalorman Aboriginal art painting
K151 - Nalorman

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